Missing 6-Year-Old Girl

August 12, 1976
Lower Twin Lake, Sierras

Jim Fairchild

While Larry Brown, Pete Carlson, and Jim Fairchild were over in Sierra Madre's rescue room for a California Region/Mountain Rescue Association meeting on new team testing and qualification, a call came from Bridgeport for assistance in a search for a 6z yr. old girl missing between her cabin and the lake. We had to decline the call because at least half our unit's men were away on vacation, and good manpower was available from other units.

Just talked to Miner Harkness of Sierra Madre who said his team drove half way to Bridgeport when the report came that the girl was found in the lake, drowned. We can recall only one search over the years when a child was not found drowned in a nearby body of water when such was involved, that was about seven years ago at Upper Twin Lake, the five-year-old boy was found dead a mile up canyon.