Missing Horseback Riders (?)

August 28, 1976
Little Round Valley

Bud White

John Dew and Jim Fairchild were last hikers into camp after the tracking training, due to a long-standing disagreement some food in John's digestive tract had with a now pale, wide-eyed John.

We found our gang enjoying post-prandium refreshments and conversation. Some of the younger bachelors were talking to three young ladies who had ridden in on horses from Wilderness Pines. They were quite late and decided to spend the night before heading for San Jacinto Peak and Humber Park. Jerry Henderson, State Park Ranger, had radioed a much relayed message to that effect, hopefully to allay worried parents.

Upon arrival home after training Sunday, my wife told quite a story of how a call came late Saturday night from the Sheriff indicating there were three missing girls riding horses. Bernie McIlvoy went up to a vantage point with the van and tried to call us by radio. Then he asked Sierra Madre to try to contact us because they have a powerful transmitter atop Mt. Wilson. No contact.

Reason, Jim forgot to tie the radio up high in a tree.

A couple of hours later word came that the girls were safe (?) with us at the valley. A pair of USFS employees had been there during suppertime and rode their horses back and reported what really happened.

Rather a delightful evening for the above mentioned young people - several of them hiked to San Jacinto's peak.

Oh, about the relayed radio message. It seems to have reached its destination with word that one of the girls was hurt, one of the horses was lame, and I guess a few embellishments to boot.