Missing Boy Scouts

November 28, 1976
Palm Canyon

Sunday morning, November 28 at 0815 the phone rang. A1 Andrews, the coordinator, said, "We've got two boy scouts in Palm Canyon (about 1 1/2 miles up from the road head) who didn't come out last night. Can you go?"

Immediately, Hal Fulkman and I rolled from Hemet and headed for Palm Springs. We contacted Jim Fairchild who was rolling in the van and found he was about five miles ahead of us. Just as we were passing the scales on Interstate 10 near Cabazon, we received word from the Indio Sheriff that the subjects had been found.

We turned back and stopped at the Banning Sheriff's office where we learned that more of our other team members were rolling. These men did not get the radio message to turn back and went all the way to the road head before learning that the subjects had been found.