Eight Teens Missing

December 29, 1976
Fisherman's Camp

On 29 December 1976 RMRU was alerted to Elsinore substation where eight teenagers were reported missing. Thirty-six 4-H members had gone hiking out of Fisherman's Camp area twenty miles south of Elsinore. All but eight returned at the appointed time.

The whole team assembled at the Elsinore substation at about 1900 hours (7 p.m.) and were informed that the Sheriff near Fisherman's Camp thought he had made voice contact with the missing subjects. We were to wait until he called in again. Being away from his unit, he was out of radio contact.

After waiting approximately an hour and no contact, we determined we would roll in that direction thinking that should the Sheriff need us, we would be closer and if indeed he had heard them and was able to locate them and get them back to the road, we could always turn around.

When we were about a mile from Fisherman's Camp, we received word that the eight teenagers had safely hiked out of the canyons.