Missing 9-Year-Old Boy

September 5, 1977
Camp Lackey

Labor Day was a beautiful day for working around the house and most of the team members were busy doing the little things they'd been putting off until just such a time.

Right at noon, the pagers went off calling us from our beloved yard work, house repair, automobile tinkering and other things that had cap¬≠tivated our thoughts during the day. We were informed that a nine year old boy was lost out of Camp Lackey (the YMCA Camp east of Black Mountain). To arrive at Camp Lack¬ey, one must drive the Banning/Idyllwild Road to the Black Mountain turnoff and proceed approximately nine miles on narrow, rough roads covered in approximately three inches of dust!

Walt Walker, his son, Kevin, and Jim Fairchild arrived first, just ahead of Hal Fulkman and John Dew. As the second car back was one mile from Camp Lackey (covered with dust) the pagers were activated again and all team members were told to 10-22 (cancel the call). The boy had been found. Of course, the cars which were already so close, drove on over to the camp and just as they arrived, Don Landell's helicopter was setting down on the road.

The Sheriff's Captain had called Don and had been flying while we were rolling to the road head. The little boy had been seen and picked up and was just being deposited when we arrived. We were told that the place where he was seen and picked up was the only place within miles that a helicopter could have landed. The boy told those of us who talked to him that he had slid down one dry waterfall to a puddle at the bottom. We feel that he is truly a lucky boy!