Man late because of rain

August 11, 1979
San Jacinto Mtns

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By Kevin Walker

It was a blustery Saturday afternoon when fellow team member Hal Fulkman, called my dad Walt Walker with news that a friend of his was overdue in returning to Humber Park. After having the Sheriff’s Department check to see if the vehicle was still in the parking lot, and finding that it was, we decided to hike up the Devil Slide and try to locate the man. Since the man in question was only a few hours late, it was decided to send in only Hal and myself.

Hal picked me up shortly after that, and we were on our way to Idyllwild. Luckily though, just as we approached the Strawberry Creek bridge, Hal's friend passed us on his way home. After catching up and stopping him, we found that he had just been slowed down because of the rain that had occurred that day.