Climber injured ankle

November 10, 1979
Tahquitz Rock

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By Kevin Walker

We were just finishing an afternoon of technical training in Joshua Tree, when one of the park rangers drove up with news of a rescue mission on Tahquitz Rock. With that we started loading gear into the van, and also broke camp. Everyone followed the orange van for the two hour drive to Idyllwild. While enroute we learned that a climber had fallen and had possibly fractured his ankle.

Upon reaching Humber Park we learned from the deputy that the climber had not been to seriously injured because they were hiking down from the rock that very minute. It was decided that it would be best for RMRU to hike in and see that all was in order. Well we were told that they were about a half hour out. Well that estimate was not quite right. We had just started to hike when we met the group.

After getting back to the road we learned that the climber had indeed fallen but that his ankle was only sprained.

With that we went back to Fern Valley for dinner. After dinner some went home while some of the other more hearty members stayed on the mountain so that they could train more on Sunday.