Missing mentally retarded man

February 12, 1980
Below USC Campus, San Jacinto Mtns

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By Kevin Walker

Rule No. 6 of the 10 ways to please a loved one: Pager goes off while having dinner at Lord Charlie’s with your girl friend. So much for a quiet evening.

After calling Al, I was informed that there was a mentally retarded man lost somewhere below the USC Campus in Idyllwild, since the early afternoon. Rendezvous point would be the Idyllwild Sheriff’s office.

With that we quickly finished dinner and left Riverside for San Jacinto. After dropping Patrice off at home, I went to my place and tossed the gear into the car and headed for Idyllwild. Just as I passed the Elementary school in Idyllwild, I met the van followed by a herd of cars heading for the USC campus. After slipping into the caravan, we headed past the campus and on down the old control road that heads towards the base of the mountain. We had only been on the road for about 10 minutes when the convoy of assorted RMRU and Hemet team members came to a halt. Heads were popping out of windows trying to see why we had stopped so suddenly. Well low and behold the man in question was walking up the road, and almost ran into us. With that it was time to find a place to turn around and head for home.