Woman stung by wasps

June 03, 1980
Horsethief Creek

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RMRU received a call from the Indio office of the Riverside County Sheriff's Department that a young woman while on a hiking trip in the Horsethief Creek area had been stung several times by wasps, and when her boy friend left to get help she was beginning to have a reaction to the stings.

Quickly RMRU members were paged out and the team was on the way to Pi%F1on Flats fire station where the rendezvous point had been set for. As the team arrived they were informed that a Hot Shot crew from the Forestry had also been dispatched into the field. The deputy had radio contact with the crew in the field, and they said that they would be able to handle the operation. RMRU members decided they would go ahead and hike in to help in the carry out, since it was quite a hike out. Just as members were preparing to leave the road head the forestry crew radioed out that the woman had refused aid as she did not have a bad reaction to the stings. So everyone concerned was released from the operation.