Man missing for 6 months

June 07, 1980
Lower Western Slope, San Jacinto Mtns

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By Kevin Walker

After completing the search around at the Tramway (Mission No. 1980-025), and then getting a good lunch in Banning, courtesy of the Sheriff, RMRU and four other MRA (Mountain Rescue Association) teams moved up to Idyllwild to start on the re-search for Gregory Tanner missing since December 23,1979. Originally, plans called for the MRA teams to start searching early Saturday morning, but due to the other mission we were slightly postponed in starting.

Since we were getting such a late start operations leader Walt Walker, and asst. operations leader Larry Roland decided to have the teams hike directly to a high point and camp, and then get an early start on Sunday searching back down the mountain. With that announcement team members from Los Padres, Sierra Madre, China Lake and RMRU started for the Strawberry Cienega junction on the Deer Springs Trail. A hiking team from Altadena was assigned to search the area surrounding Suicide Rock. After everyone arrived at the junction, camp was set up and the evening meals were started. (Editors note to the other region teams: We thought you would all bring gourmet food, that's why we brought the steaks and such.)

The following morning after a quick breakfast, everyone from the region gathered around the RMRU camp to have assignments handed out. With all, huddled around a topo map Walt radioed up the assignments. China Lake was the first to leave, followed by Los Padres, Sierra Madre, and lastly RMRU. The best way to explain what went on for the rest of the day, is to say that all the teams slowly worked their way down the Western ridges and drainages to Idyllwild. At approximately 4:00 the last crew led by "Sierra Madre Hound Dog" Lynn Kroll arrived at base camp. Nothing pertinent to the search operation was found that day, so with all teams out and the debriefing complete everyone headed for home.

We of RMRU would like to thank China Lake, Los Padres, Sierra Madre and Altadena, all members of the California Region of the Mountain Rescue Association for helping in this re-search operation. And to the Tanner family, again we offer our sympathy.