Plane reported in trouble

April 11, 1981

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A little after 6:30 Saturday evening RMRU member Walt Walker received a call from Sgt. Jim Walsh of the Sheriffs' Department. Sgt. Walsh told Walt of two reports by residents that a small aircraft was seen descending, with a rough running engine, in a easterly direction over the community of Winchester. Walt was asked if RMRU could respond with its ELT (Emergency Locator Transmitter) direction finding equipment. He then phoned RMRU member Rick Pohlers and put him on standby. If needed, Rick would respond with the team's No. 2 ELT Locator. After doing that, Walt and Kevin Walker drove out to Winchester, where they met Sgt. Walsh. The locating device was set up and turned on. At the same time a small airplane was flying overhead with its radio tuned to the emergency frequency (121.5). No signal was heard by either group, and at 8:30 the search was called off. Luckily no aircraft were reported overdue.