Re-search for man missing for 2 years

November 6, 1981
Western Slope, San Jacinto Mtns

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By Walt Walker

RMRU was first contacted at 11:45 a.m. on December 23, 1979 that Gregory Tanner was missing and might be in the San Jacinto Mountains. He had last been seen three days earlier and the family car had been found in the Riverside County Visitor's Center parking lot.

SEARCHING FOR CLUES - RMRU member Rick Pohlers (using hand-tool) looks for any additional items where the gun was found. (photo by Walt Walker)The search was started on the 23rd by RMRU members and it was continued through the 24th with the assistance of teams from the California Region of the Mountain Rescue Association. The following spring the Region teams and along with RMRU again searched for a day and a half.

A hiker had recently found a gun in the backcountry that was the same make and caliber as the gun missing from the family car. In addition, the serial numbers that could be made out, were identical to that of the missing gun.

This re-search began as groups of RMRU members hiked into the general area, Friday evening, of where the gun had been located and bedded down for the night. Saturday morning additional members hiked in along with the missing man's father Carl Tanner. We searched all Saturday and till noon on Sunday. Some shreds of clothing and a few bone fragments were located. It would appear that this case will be the second one in 20 years that RMRU has not been able to completely close the book on.