Climber with possible femur fracture

August 12, 1982
Tahquitz Rock

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By John Dew

It was just about dinner time when the old faithful pagers started their familiar vibration indicating our presence was desired somewhere besides at our own dinner table.

VITALS TAKEN - RMRU member Bernie McIlvoy shines a light so that fellow member, Kevin Walker can get a blood pressure reading on Eugene Mezereny, who had fallen near the base of Tahquitz Rock and possibly fractured his right femur. Whenever an injury is involved such precautions are standard. (photo by Jim Fairchild)Upon phoning the number given us, we learned that a young man, Eugene Mezereny, had fallen while climbing on Tahquitz Rock and we were told, had broken his right femur. The roadhead was Humber Park above Idyllwild. We started arriving just before dark. Kevin Walker, Roy Dew (my son) and I were there first, as we live in Hemet, which is at least 45 minutes closer than the members who live in Riverside and other places.

Being first there and hearing of the injury, we put on packs and started immediately. We were led in by Fred McKenney, who was the informant who had come out for help. He was able to take us the most direct route to the subject. This saved all the time of staying on the trail and looking for him.

Kevin gave first aid while I assisted. Others were arriving at Base Camp all the time, gathering gear and starting to our location.

We got Eugene into the litter about 10:30 or 11:00 o'clock and started down the mountain. Getting over the talus boulders (which are all sizes from 2'diameter to 15') is accomplished by use of a belay, tied to a tree to take some of the weight of lowering the load. At the end of the rope another tree closer is found to use in the lower. This is repeated until we are safely off the hazardous loose rock, then the subject is rolled to the roadhead by use of our wheel litter.

STEEP DESCENT - The above photographs show how steep Mezereny past rock obstacles, and the team work necessary to the descent from Tahquitz Rock to Humber Park is. They also get the litter safely down. show how difficult it was to get the litter containing Eugene trail and looking for him. The direct route was straight up to the base of the Rock. Much time was saved and first aid was administered quickly. (photo by Jim Fairchild)

He was treated at Hemet Valley Hospital and released. This indicated to us that the femur was not broken but probably just bruised.

Thus ended another successful mission. We ate dinner or breakfast or whatever one eats at 3:00 a.m. at Denny's in Hemet and went home for two hours sleep before going to work.