Two hunters overdue

October 15, 1982
Lower Jensen Canyon

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By Kevin Walker

Mondays are hectic enough without having a mission, but nevertheless ... we were contacted just before noon. Meeting point would be the end of the road at the mouth of Jensen Canyon in the community of Cabazon.

Because of servicing, both vans were in Hemet over the weekend, and that allowed Walt and I to respond quickly. As we arrived at the roadhead where the sheriff's personnel were waiting, so was Don Landells with 40MC (four-zero-mike-charlie). We quickly loaded call-out packs into the bird and were off. It seems we were looking for two local hunters that were overdue in completing a hiking hunting trip from Black Mountain to Cabazon via Jensen Canyon. Locals said that they thought voices could be heard from the end of the dirt road where the canyon opens up.

CLIMB IN - The first of the two men located by helicopter in the lower end of Jensen Canyon, climbs into the bird under the guidance of Kevin Walker. After both men were secured, pilot Don Landells flew the men out to base camp in the community of Cabazon. Don then returned for Walt and Kevin and the remainder of the gear. (photo by Jim Fairchild)With that we concentrated our search in the lower canyon. It did not take long. As we were working our way back down the main canyon, I spotted both of the men sitting in the bottom of the canyon by the stream. There was a helispot near their location that allowed Don to put both skids down. Once out, Don pulled up and away so that Walt and I could scamper off the boulder. Five minutes later, we had the tired but uninjured men back on the helispot. A quick call for Don, and he was back to the large boulder. We sent the two hunters out first and then Don returned for us. This particular mission went so fast that only Craig Britton, Jim Fairchild, and Bernie McIlvoy had arrived.