Woman with heat exhaustion

May 8, 1983
Upper Palm Canyon

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By Joe Erickson

We were called out for an injured hiker in Upper Palm Canyon. This was my day off and a fine warm spring day for a hike.

We were to meet at the top of Palm Canyon off of highway 74 at Ribbonwood Drive. When I arrived at the trail head, the two RMRU vans were there and members were ready to hike. I hurried, got ready and ran to catch up with the others. We were to clear an area for the helicopter that we were expecting soon.

A group of CDF workers had arrived earlier and were with the subject already. Apparently this woman became exhausted (first time backpacking) and the heat had gotten to her. As she was hiking she had complained of nausea, dizziness and eventually fell when crossing the stream.

Reportedly stable now and ready to transport, Kevin and I flew with one of Don Landells' pilots, Mike Donovan to her location. A moment or two of search by air brought us to her and her group. The CDF men had the situation under control and assisted us in gently placing her in the helicopter. We flew her and her gear out in a couple of minutes to base camp where her partners were ready to take her to the hospital.

We all drove home a few hours after the first call - a job swiftly and efficiently done.