Missing woman

June 5, 1983
Below Tahquitz Rock

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By John Dew

During the mid morning fellow RMRU member Walt Walker contacted me for a search below Tahquitz Rock.

This was our monthly training weekend and the majority of our members were somewhere in Deep Canyon. This only left a few of us immediately available for the search.

At Humber Park I met Mary Bowman closely followed by Walt. Walt told us that John Muratet was enroute to the Big Horn overlook to contact the rest of the team in the canyon to respond ASAP to Idyllwild. Quickly Walt, Jim Garvey, Roy (my son) and I were in the field heading to the base of the rock where Mary Villalobes was last seen the day before. It seems that she had been watching companions climb on Tahquitz Rock. When they finished their climb and hiked back down and around the rock, Mary was not there. They spent most of the night looking for her, and at first light came out and called for help. We had just reached the base of the rock and started looking when Mary was seen at a coffee shop in Idyllwild. With that news we headed back to base, and then home.