Camper with severe back pains

July 1, 1983
Willow Creek Crossing

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By Kevin Walker

At a little after 8:00 A.M. I got a call with news of a rescue in the San Jacintos, rendezvous point, Camp Maranatha, Idyllwild. After getting the No. 1 van, I picked up Walt Walker and we headed for Idyllwild. As we arrived, so did the helicopter. Without haste Walt and I prepared our gear, loaded it in the bird and were off to Willow Creek. After a few orbits above Willow Creek crossing we spotted the described tent with a few people standing around it. Mike Donovan (Landells Aviation) flew us back to Skunk Cabbage Meadow as there are no helispots in the immediate are of the subject. With Walt and I out, Mike headed for Idyllwild to wait for more members. We then made the short trip over to the crossing. There we found Robert Wagner of Palm Desert in his tent. He was complaining of severe back pains that had started the night before which left him unable to even walk. After a short wait Mel Krug and Joe Erickson arrived with the wheeled litter. We then carefully placed Robert into the litter and secured him in for the trip back to Skunk Cabbage. just as we finished that, Glenn Henderson and I.F.D. Terry Griner joined up with us, and we started out. We traveled slowly so as not to cause any discomfort to Robert. Once back at Skunk Cabbage, we radioed out for the helicopter to return for pick up. Mike was soon there, and Robert was loaded, and flown out. Mike returned and made two more trips to get all personnel out. Robert was transported to his doctor by his hiking companion, and the mission was secured.