Hiker with strained muscle

July 20, 1983
Tahquitz Valley

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By Kevin Walker

As it has happened so many times in the past, it did again. 1:00 P.M. the phone rang, it was the Sheriff's office in Hemet. This time with a different twist. A message had come out on a Forest Service radio stating that RMRU member Jim Fairchild's daughter Carol Cook had injured herself while the two were on a hiking trip of the San Jacintos. They were now in Tahquitz Valley and needed assistance. With that the team was activated, and asked to roll to Camp Maranatha in Idyllwild.

Shortly after we were in Idyllwild waiting for the helicopter. Walt decided to have me go in first with the bird and assess the situation. Upon the arrival of Mike Donovan from Landells Aviation I loaded my pack in and we were off on the quick journey to Tahquitz Valley.

As we approached the valley a familiar face was out in the meadow giving hand signals, that being Jim. Once down I was greeted at the door by Jim who led me over to where Carol lay. As I approached I could see that she was indeed in a great deal of pain. Apparently during the night before while sleeping she strained a muscle, and then it got worse as they attempted to hike down. With the assistance of some friendly hikers and a Forest Service Volunteer, Carol was helped over to the valley and then waited for help.

Jim and I helped Carol into the helicopter, loaded the packs, and soon Mike had us safely back at Camp Maranatha. Since Jim and Carols vehicle was at the tram, Walt drove Jim and Carol to get the pickup, and then drove Carol to their family physician. All went well and we are very happy to say that Carol is now fine and hiking.