Hiker stranded by cramps

August 25, 1983
Riverside County Visitors Center, Idyllwild

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By Mark Rhoads

A perfect time for a call for a mission is when you are just settling down for a nights sleep. Never the less, load the gear and off to Idyllwild.

Once there I found Operations leader Kevin Walker and Base Camp operator Mary Bowman getting assignments ready. It seems first we would have to locate a hiker by the name of John Boyd, age 40, who had earlier in the day experienced extreme leg cramps and was unable to hike on. His companions hiked on out and called for help. We finished loading gear and were just into the field when we heard voices. Fellow member Cameron Robbins shot on ahead and sure enough it was John. His cramps finally subsided and he was able to hike out. So... gear back in the car and off to home for at least some sleep.