Lost? hunter

October 16, 1983
Coal Canyon, West of Corona

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By Mel Krug

We had come off of another all night into the next day type mission (see 1983-032) on Sunday, so needless to say I was not pleased when my call captain phoned me in the evening.

It was a typically weird mission for the area, and to keep it quite short because not much happened, I move quickly. We met in Corona and then drove into the hills on a dirt road that went forever. Once on scene, we broke into two teams and started searching. Working with a great group of people from Orange County (we were near the county line) we searched towards Coal Canyon and the 91 freeway. We had not searched long and voice contact was made. Our goal, a lost hunter, sitting, waiting for help in plain view of the highway. Oh well, that's the way it goes. Back out the long dirt road and back home for a few hours sleep before morning.