Skull found

June 23, 1984
Mallard Canyon, San Gorgonio Mtns

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By Kevin Walker

Happy Birthday to ME...Oh well, nothing better to do on ones 25th. For the second time in a month we were going out looking for a skull found by a hiker. This time we were hiking up the trail from Mallard Canyon to the Kitching Saddle. This article is already running too long, so I will hit the main points only. Our informant led us in to where he thought he left the trail. Then we went down a little creek bed to where he thought the skull cap was, but to avail. We searched for several hours finding nothing but fresh coyote and bear droppings. We gave the area a good look and headed for home. The day was not a total loss as I hiked with friends, and went home to a very nice dinner planned by my wife Patrice.