Missing girl

August 11, 1984
Camp Lawler, San Jacinto Mtns

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By John Dew

Dinner was over and we were just settling down for an evening with the family when again the pager made its presence known by its familiar whistle. We were informed that a girl from Camp Lawler had become lost. We were told that although she was about 30 years old she could only function as about 8 years. Realizing this problem, the night being cool, and her lack of warm clothing caused us to rush even more.

Jim Fairchild brought the rescue van from Riverside while I got the one kept in Hemet Valley and we met at Camp Lawler which is about half way between Banning and Idyllwild. When we arrived we were met by Bud White, Don Ricker and Bill Blaschko who were in Idyllwild when the call went out. Soon we were joined by Mark Hebert, Cameron Robbins, and Joe Erickson.

BACK AT BASE - RMRU members Bud White, Bill Blaschko, and Cameron Robbins watch over the slightly injured subject before she was taken to the Pass Hospital. (photo by Jim Fairchild)Teams were sent into the field to search down canyon. One team led by Mark Hebert went UP canyon - just in case. The teams had been out only 10 or 15 minutes when Mark called in and said he had voice contact. He found the subject within minutes, discovered she had fallen onto and then slid down a dirt embankment just above the creek. He did a quick initial survey and determined she was not hurt badly, although she had taken a bump on the head.

Soon all team members in the field had assembled with the subject, placed her in the wheeled litter and wheeled her the short distance back to Camp Lawler. She was then sent to Banning to be checked more thoroughly than can be done in the field.

RMRU went home happy that this young lady had not been lost for long and had not been seriously injured.