Man missing for one week

September 27, 1984
Ortega Mountains

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By John Dew

It was mid to late afternoon when we were called by the Sheriff and asked to search for a man whose car had been parked alongside a dirt road about 3 miles off the Ortega Highway for nearly a week.

The team met at El Cariso Fire Station and we were there informed that this young man, Michael Booze, had a rifle with him. This caused some concern, as no one or nothing is predictable in a case like that.

It was determined that the team would start an all out search at first light the next morning. Four team members, however, would go now, about 5 p.m., to the car and just make a sweep of the area for about a quarter mile radius from the car, just to get the lay of the land. We didn't really cherish the thought of being out there after dark searching for a guy with a gun.

Upon reaching the car and starting a search pattern, it was only a matter of minutes until he was found. The rifle was close by his side. He had apparently taken his own life several days earlier.

RMRU is glad to be of service in any case but this type mission is sure discouraging.