Missing three-year-old girl

October 18, 1984
Indian Cove, Joshua Tree

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By Kevin Walker

This article is particularly hard for me as I have a two-year-old daughter. I will be brief, as going into detail would not change the outcome. It was early evening when the call came. I was working late on a very important job. The call was for a missing three-year-old girl. That hit home. Normally I would have had to say no because of the work I was in the middle of, but not when it came to a little girl.

SEARCHING - RMRU and Sierra Madre search teams seemed dwarfed by the terrain in the search for Laura Bradbury, at Joshua Tree National Monument. (photo by Jim Fairchild)We responded to the Indian Cove ranger station where we found ranger Tom Patterson in charge of the search operation along with the San Bernardino County Sheriff. After information was gathered, RMRU along with Sierra Madre were put into the field. We searched through the entire night only finding a few tracks that looked like that of the description of little Laura Bradbury. Friday morning came and still nothing. As the day went on more and more teams arrived. Everyone worked through the day and into the cold evening. As some slept, others worked in the night.

This went on through Sunday night. I don't know what else to say. We tried, Sierra Madre, China Lake, San Diego, Altadena, San Dimas, Malibu, Inyo, Montrose, Silmar, Los Padres, and even as far away as the Bay Area Mountain Rescue Unit tried. Over 100 MRA personnel and that plus more from all of the San Bernardino groups, and all of the National Monument personnel. Men and women working side by side trying to find a beautiful little three-year-old. To the family of little Laura our thoughts are with you as you continue the search for your daughter. God be with you.