Missing cowboy

March 10, 1985
North of Murrieta Hot Springs

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By Rick "Major Disaster" Pohlers

Well folks, you got it, the old editor needed yours truly to help out. Sunday at my house the troops were gathered to work on the two team vehicles. Some of the troops waxed while others cleaned inside. Joe "Lieutenant ludicrous" was put underneath to change the oil and then clean the undercarriage, as Joe spends a lot of time on his back. Kevin "Colonel Clutz" was trying to get rid of a hangover or something from the previous night's escapades.

At lunch AI "Interuptus" Andrews called, seems that a good ol' boy in Rancho area was missing. The general (Walt) got the whip out and gear was put back in the vans and we were off for the land down under. Upon arriving on the scene, the first thing we saw had to have been the ladies amazon team practicing for the next Olympics. There were more people on horseback looking around than at a rodeo. So out we went looking for a guy missing for over a week. The only clue to even begin, was that his cowboy Cadillac was left in a field (where base was) in the middle of nowhere. Searching was difficult as one had to be careful where to step. We searched into the night and found nothing but more road apples. The sheriff called off the search and the troopies marched back in. Somehow we found our way back to the highway, and then headed in to Hemet for dinner.