Man missing for two days

May 10, 1985
Joshua Tree

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By Glenn Henderson

Through ranger Tom Patterson of the Joshua Tree National Monument we were called to help search for a missing adult at Hidden Valley Campground. Fellow members Joe Erickson, Kevin Walker, Rob Gardner, Jim Fairchild, Bill, George and myself responded to the Hidden Valley Camp. There we learned that we would be looking for Eric Greenspan of Los Angeles. Eric was last seen by friends on May 8th. Eric's car was located in the Hidden Valley Campground at 5:30 AM the day of the call. Called in along with RMRU to help JOSAR Joshua Tree Search and Rescue) was the Sierra Madre Search and Rescue Team and the California Rescue Dog Association. Teams were made up and given assignments. Since RMRU was one of the first to arrive, we were given a perimeter assignment of the camp. Jim and Bill were a team as were Joe and I, and then Kevin and Rob. As we searched, a Bell 212 helicopter arrived from El Toro Marine Base piloted by Bob Moran. After they had checked in, Tom Patterson joined them for an air search of the area. We completed our perimeter search and started spreading out. The search dogs were now in the field, as was Sierra Madre. Strangely enough, GROUP EFFORT - The body of Eric Greenspan is carried out of the Wonderland of Rocks by JOSAR, Sierra Madre, and RMRU members back to the Hidden Valley Campground. (photo by Tom Patterson)as Joe and I approached a formation of rocks (several stories high) on the edge of the Wonderland of Rocks, the helicopter flew over and then stopped and hovered. Joe and I converged on the scene as Tom Patterson and medic Mike Angelo rappelled out of the helicopter. On a ledge in the formation we found the body of Eric. Still in his hand was a hand gun. Rob and Kevin were close behind. The news was radioed back to base. A few more teams converged on the scene. The coroner was contacted and responded to the monument. After his investigation was completed, we assisted in the carryout. Our team hound dog Joe stayed and helped looked for the shell casing, which he found. An unusual note, information given to the park service and field teams was to be looking for a hiking boot or a running shoe. Eric was wearing cowboy boots. Earlier in the day Joe and I came across those very same prints in the vicinity. So goes the search game. To the family and friends of Eric we would like to express our sympathy on the loss of your family member.