Woman missing after argument

September 2, 1985
Fuller Mill Creek, San Jacinto Mtns

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By Cameron Robbins

I had been expecting a rescue or search call this weekend. After all, it was Labor Day weekend.

I had spent the day rock climbing in Idyllwild and had just finished an early dinner. Now, just drive down the mountain and back to my home in Banning for a relaxing evening.

My pager had other ideas. It sounded and gave me the message to report to the picnic area near Lawler Lodge, that a woman was missing. I drove to Lawler Lodge and talked to the Sheriff's deputy at the site. I found out that there indeed was a missing woman, that she had had an argument with her daughter and then proceeded to become lost.

Shortly after my arrival Dr. Bill Blaschko arrived and his pager went off with the message that all RMRU members were to report to Camp Maranatha, that a rock climber had been injured on Tahquitz Rock. Bill and I were trying to decide how to be in two places at once when I heard that U.S. Forest Service personnel had located the missing woman on a nearby fire-service road. So, Bill and I mounted our trusty vehicles and disappeared into the south, to our next exciting mission. (See No. 1985-038).