Re-search for John Kivlen

November 16, 1985
High Country, San Jacinto Mtns

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By Mel Krug

The Kivlen search was officially called off on Thursday evening but due to pressure from the family we decided to give it one more day. We put out a call for any teams in the region that might be able to send members, to search on Saturday. Sierra Madre Search and Rescue responded with a strong team, Tim Fives from the Malibu Search and Rescue team, and many RMRU members turned out. Sierra Madre made arrangements or an L.A. County Fire Department helicopter to come in and help fly search but it was grounded with mechanical problems shortly after arrival.

The original plan was to fly teams into the wilderness and have them search, hiking back towards Long Valley, for any signs of Mr. Kivlen. With the helicopter grounded, it now looked like we would hike the entire search. I say "we" - this was my first time as Operations Leader so I was to be in base with Minor Harkness from Sierra Madre. Dick Sale was to be "air ops" flying search before we found out the helicopter had to be grounded.

The plan to hike to areas where Mr. Kivlen might have been and search back towards Long Valley was carried out. Teams were sent to the peak with instructions to check the North Face escarpment. Teams were also sent to Tamarack Valley and Round Valley, returning by way of Wellman's Divide. People were also sent to Hidden Lake. Unfortunately not a single sign was turned to give us any clue as to the whereabouts of Mr. Kivlen.

Once again we would like to say Thanks to all those teams who helped in this week-long search. We couldn't have done it without you.