Someone calling for help

December 8, 1985
Tahquitz Rock

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By Rob Gardner

A small group of RMRU team members had just completed an Elsinore (1985-052) search when the Riverside County Sheriff's Office (RSO) called the team for a search at Tahquitz Rock, near Idyllwild, California.

Upon arrival at Humber Park (below Tahquitz Rock) the RSO Deputies from the Idyllwild sub-station advised that a man had reported to the Idyllwild Fire Station that he heard somebody on Tahquitz Rock shouting "help."

Idyllwild Fire Station personnel had completed a preliminary investigation before RMRU was contacted. The situation was unclear and information was very limited. The man reporting the information had vanished and no further information was available.

Several groups were deployed to different parts of the rock. There was a lot of ice on the North side at the base of the Diorite Mass. Two rock climbing parties were located at different points. Nobody was found to be in trouble and the climbers located did not have knowledge of anybody in trouble. There was a good turn-out of RMRU men ... but, apparently, the call was a false alarm.