4-Wheeler missing

January 13, 1986
Bradshaw Trail - North Shore, SE Riverside County

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The Indio station of the Riverside County Sheriff's Office (RSO) called the RMRU out to join in a search for a man missing in the vicinity of the Bradshaw Trail section that runs from North Shore to Desert Center. Three people had gone out in a four wheel drive vehicle which broke down. Two of the people stayed with the vehicle and the third began to walk in search of help. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) personnel came to the aid of the two people at the vehicle and the third could not be found. A BLM ranger and RSO airplane (ARGUS) had initiated search for the third person as sufficient time was believed to have passed for that person to have reached civilization. The RMRU was called out and response was under way when the missing man telephoned authorities and advised he was safe at Niland City. The RSO and BLM reunited the people involved and the RMRU call-out was cancelled.