Overdue Climbers

October 3, 1986
Tahquitz Rock

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By Kevin Walker

As members were gathering at Humber Park on Friday evening for training in the high country, the Idyllwild deputy made contact with our members in regards to a couple that were overdue in returning to the roadhead from a climb on Tahquitz Rock. Steve Bryant gathered information and had the Sheriff contact me at Arrow Printing as my dad and I were finishing a job that had to be ready for the following day. Also helping us were Glenn Henderson and Mel Krug so that I would e able to go on training the following morning. As I started the call out procedure for more members, Steve assigned Henry Negrete and Ray Hussey to hike up to the base of the rock and try to make voice contact with the overdue couple. With radio 66 in Henry’s pack, they ascended the steep climber’s path to Lunch Rock. From there they started calling out "Hello" as they moved around towards the northern side of the rock. With no response they started back towards Lunch Rock and were going to go around to the south side and continue calling. But apparently the couple got back to Lunch Rock before Henry and Ray did, as the group in base could hear them coming down the trail to Humber. Ray and Henry were recalled to base and once back training plans could be re-instated.