Aborted search for overdue hiker

October 5, 1986
Palm Canyon

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RMRU was returning from Marion Flats, completing a two day hike across upper Mt. San Jacinto, when a call was received over the radio. The Indio office of the Riverside Sheriff’s Department called RMRU to begin a search for an overdue male hiker. The solo hiker reportedly was hiking from Santa Rosa Springs (Near Santa Rosa Peak) to Hermit Bench at the mouth of Pal m Canyon. As RMRU hiked down the trails of Mt. San Jacinto, the in-town member, Walt Walker, made arrangements regarding aerial search and transportation technicalities. Walt also had the Palm Springs Mounted Police called out to search the lower part of Palm Canyon and cover the mouth of the canyon. As both search and rescue teams proceeded towards Palm Canyon, the overdue hiker walked out, uninjured.