Missing man found stranded

March 20, 1989
Tahquitz Canyon

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On March 21, 1989, a young man named Carter was rescued from Tahquitz Canyon by RMRU members and flown out of the canyon by helicopter. Carter was one day over-due to his destination. He was on a two day hike from Humber Park in Idyllwild, to Palm Springs, via U.S. Forest Service Trails and with a final hike-out by way of Tahquitz Canyon.

Carter had become stranded at the three thousand foot level in Tahquitz Canyon. He was in good condition when located at 3:30 p.m. by aerial search. Carter stood on a large boulder and signaled to the helicopter by waving a red bivouac sack. The Landells Aviation helicopter was piloted by Steve DeJesus, with RMRU members Kevin Walker and Rob Gardner on board.

A one runner landing on a boulder was performed to deploy Rob who then hiked up the canyon to where Carter was stranded. Rob guided Carter back to the boulder where the helicopter returned and Kevin assisted Carter into the helicopter while Steve held the ship in a hover over the boulder. They then proceeded on to the base camp at Ann Dolly's by the mouth of Tahquitz Canyon, where Carter told his story to the Sheriff's deputy and the RMRU members. Carter said, ;Thanks for rescuing my darn fool neck;. In turn the rescuers pointed out that it was easy to find him when he was overdue, as he had left a good map of his planned route and had remained on his route.