Search for overdue hiker

March 22, 1989
Devil's Slide Trail

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A call came late in the evening for a search for an overdue hiker. Phillip Bowman (age 40) had planned to hike from Humber Park to Tahquitz Peak and return and had not shown up.

After leaving a note on Phillip's car at Humber Park, Bill Blaschko, Bud White and Mike Wimbrow started a check of the trail to the peak. Behind them came Henry Negrete, Alan Ewert and Pat Tillman to search the Skunk Cabbage area and beyond. Remaining in base were John Dew and Dona Halcrow, with J.R. Muratet and Cliff Benton as backup. A concern was a slick and icy trail from Saddle Junction to Tahquitz Peak, with a lot of ice and snow in the chutes below the peak. After searching for about four hours

without any sign of Phillip, both teams decided to bivouac, and try again at first light. Just as Henry, Alan and Pat were settling in for a rest in the Willow Creek area, a man came walking along the trail to their camp. When questioned, the man responded that yes, he was Phillip Bowman.

Phillip had become lost on the return trip from the peak, and had wandered through- out the rest of the night. When he encountered the searchers, he was cold and hungry but otherwise okay. After a warming drink, and the loan of some warm clothing, he was able to hike out. Everyone returned to base in time for a nice breakfast at Jan's Red Kettle in Idyllwild, and then home for some sleep.