Two climbers fell 80 feet

April 29, 1989
Suicide Rock

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RMRU was called for a rescue on Suicide Rock when two climbers fell approximately 80 feet, injuring both.

When members got to the base of the rock, the U.S. Marine Corp. Angel Flight, a rescue helicopter, had already arrived, and RMRU assisted their paramedics in putting one of the subjects in the litter, and winching him up to the helicopter. As the most seriously injured, with a concussion and two broken ankles, he was flown directly to Loma Linda University Medical Center.

The second climber, not as badly hurt, had already been put in a litter by other climbers at the rock. RMRU members helped in the carry-out, and he was transported to Riverside General Hospital by ambulance.

The mission completed and everyone returned home just as it was turning dark.