Search for 16 year old who took a shortcut

May 27, 1989
South Ridge Trail

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by Glenn Henderson

Sixteen year old Shawn Williams was reported missing off the South Ridge Trail to the Forest Service in the late afternoon. Forest Service personnel made a hasty search and soon called for our help. Kevin Walker and I drove up together and arrived at the trail head at 5:45pm. Walt Walker was the Operations Leader and sent Kevin, myself and Mike Cassidy of the Forest Service up the South Ridge Trail. Other team members – Henry Negrete, Mike Wimbrow, Dona Halcrow, Joe Erickson, Ray Hussey, Jay Pion, Pat Tillman, Alan Ewert and Victor Caro were divided up into teams of two or three and sent below the trail to try and cut him off.

After forty minutes of hiking we found signs where someone had left the trail and headed down the hillside and away from the trail. Just as we were starting to follow the tracks, Frank Smith of the Forest Service showed up at base with Shawn. Frank had been searching since the first report and by doing lots of shouting and moving cross country finally met up with Shawn. It took them over an hour to get back to the road but they did it without any problems. Shawn was fine. Just hungry and thirsty. At 8:00pm all personnel were back to base and released to go home. Great job by the Forest Service. Thanks Guys.