3 men, 1 blind, light clothes & shoes, 7 hours overdue

January 22, 1991
Humber Park to Tramway

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The call came in just after midnight. Three men clad in light clothing and shoes, one of them blind, were seven hours overdue on a hike from Humber Park to the Tramway. This did not surprise us because there was snow on the ground and it would be a long day hike for even experienced hikers.

One team went up the trail from Humber Park and the rest went around to the tramway. Two teams went out from the tramway and others set up base at the upper tram station.

Around 10:00a.m. one of the tramway teams spotted the group, cold and tired, but otherwise okay. They assisted the three men back to the tramway for warming up and then we all had a nice lunch before heading home.