Three people stranded in car near peak

February 28, 1991
Santa Rosa Peak

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It was raining outside when the call came in at 2:00 p.m. that a car was stuck in the snow on the road to Santa Rosa Peak. It was snowing in the mountains and the sheriff needed someone equipped for bad weather to get the people in the car. RMRU members with two four wheel drive vehicles started up the road. About half way up one of the vehicles could go no further. The other only made it a little further. Then it was on the snowshoes. With extras tied on the packs.

After about 2 miles, the stuck vehicle was sighted and three cold people were found. After some hot drinks and soup, the extra snowshoes were put on the subjects feet and the hike down to the RMRU four wheel drives. It took 1 hours to get back to the RMRU vehicles. Another hour to reach the main highway. By the time everyone was home, it was 10:00 p.m.