Search for three year old boy

January 1, 1991
Piņon Flats

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Members in full winter gear left the North Face Mt San Jacinto to head for a rain storm in Piņon Flats. A three years old boy had been playing by his cabin in when his parents went to look for him he was gone, all in about 10 minutes. This happen around 12:00 noon and they had quickly called the Sheriff, who called RMRU.

The first members on scene started a detailed search of the P.L.S. (point last seen). Other members started to do a hasty search along know barriers, such as a highway, a canyon, and a high ridge. This is done in hopes of finding some foot prints in the area where no one else has walked. All this turned up nothing. At 5:00 p.m., only three hours after the search had started, we placed a call for help to all Mountain Rescue Association Teams in California. This is standard procedure with a lost child. Meanwhile, the weather was getting worse by the minute.

By 9:00 p.m. other teams began arriving. Everyone searched all night long with no results. This operation continued for three more days and no trace or sign of the boy was ever found. It is on of the few time in our 30 years of search and rescue that we did not find the subject. Three more times over the course of March and April, teams went out and tried to find some clue, but sadly nothing was ever found.

We wish to thank all the other Mountain Rescue Teams and other volunteer groups who assisted with this operation. Over 150 people were involved over the 3 days of the search.