Hiker with sprained ankle

June 15, 1991
Devil's Slide Trail

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Summer hikes in the mountains are one of the neatest experiences one can have, and may people come up to our wilderness to escape the fast pace of the ;big city;.

Unfortunately, many people don’t realize that walking through the wilderness presents many more hazards than walking on the city sidewalks. Consequently, most people don’t carry emergency supplies or even a first aid kit.

On Jun 15, RMRU was called out by the Riverside Sheriff’s Department requesting our presence in Humber Park in Idyllwild. A hiker had reported to the Idyllwild Fire Station that a woman at the top of devil’s Slide Trail had fallen on the trail and severely injured her ankle.

RMRU quickly responded to Humber Park, set up operations base and dispatched a hasty team of two to travel up the trail as quickly a possible. Other team members radioed additional medical aid equipment to follow as needed.

The first team located the injured subject within one hour of being called out by the Sheriff’s Office. She was a little skinned-up from the fall and her right ankle a bit swollen. She was very elated to have our assistance, after we dressed her injuries, we helped her down the trail and back to her home. We gave strong advisement to seek further medical attention.