Boy Scout left behind to wait for next group, got lost

June 22, 1991
Saddle Junction Area

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Group camping the San Jacinto Wilderness can be great fun. Getting the group up a trail and to a camp site can be a great challenge.

On the morning of June 22nd, a Boy Scout Troop had set out from Humber Park on Devil’s Slide Trail, looking forward to a group camp-out in the Skunk Cabbage area, elevation 7,96-0 feet.

In route up the steep zig-zagging trail, the group split into two group, one traveling a little faster than the other.

One Scout in the front group began to tire, unable to stay up with the rest of the group, he decided to sit and rest awhile and wait for the second group to come by and then continue with them.

After resting for a period, the young Scouter decided he would not wait for the rest of the Troop, instead, he would try to catch up with his original group. When he arrived at the Saddle Trail Junction, he was unsure which way the first group had gone and began wandering around looking for them; meanwhile the second group traveled past him not knowing he had separated from his group.

After both groups rejoined at their destination, they realized that the Scout had not arrived with either group. A hasty search was launched by the adults in the Troop.

Unable to locate him, the decision was made to keep the Troop together at the campsite and send one adult back to Idyllwild to get help.

After reporting the incident, the adult Scouter returned to Humber Park and awaited the arrival of RMRU.

RMRU arrived within 20 minutes of being contacted and had several teams headed up the trail to begin the search.

Our first team headed directly for the Scout Troop Campsite to secure the well being of the group, while other teams scoured the trails and meadows for our lost subject. The Scouter was located a couple of hours later, not far from the vicinity of his Troop. He was in great condition and eager to get back to his group. While he was escorted back to the camp site from above, the adult leader was escorted from below, for a happy reunion in the beautiful San Jacinto Wilderness.