Fallen climber with head injuries

June 22, 1991
Idyllwild, Suicide Rock

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By Pete Carlson

After being home two hours after back to back missions, I was just starting to relax when the pager went off again.

Med-E-Vac prepares to fly subject to Loma LindaThis time a climber had fallen on Suicide Rock in Idyllwild. I left at 12:30 p.m. for the 1 hour drive. Th Idyllwild team members got to the rock in 15 minutes and started up with equipment.

They met climbers coming out who were carrying the subject in the litter. A doctor on scene had done first aid and was helping with the carry out. Our team members assisted with the carry out, and an ambulance took the subject to Idyllwild Ball Field, where a Med-E-Vac helicopter flew him to Loma Linda Hospital.

I arrived as the subject was being flown out.

After lunch and a review of the mission, we headed home. But not for long, read mission 1991-017, only hours later.

We latter found out the climber died of head injuries.