Missing 13 year old Boy Scout

July 19, 1991
San Gorgonio Wilderness

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A search in the San Gorgonio Wilderness Area for a lost 13 year old Boy Scout, Jahard Negrete, expanded over two weeks involving searchers from many teams. The Boy Scout was last seen on the Vivian Creek Trail and his camera was found off that trail with the last picture on the role of self portrait. RMRU Logged nearly 700 man hours after becoming involved with the search on the third day.

With much regret, the 13 year old buy scout was never found. Only speculation could be made by the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department on several possible outcomes. The search was called off due to no further leads and the great expenses that incurred.

The participation of RMRU and the Mountain Rescue Association created a significant and beneficial learning experience with the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department Search and Rescue Teams. A search of this magnitude and length presented the opportunity to work with multiple agencies on the State and County levels.