Plane crashed, found it and recovered the bodies

January 14, 1997
Twin Pines Boys Camp

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A light plane went down in a storm atop Black Mtn. RMRU was called in to investigate the remote, snow-bound sight. Four team members were helicoptered in to the crash sight. The pilot and passenger did not survive. A recovery operation ensued, with everyone safely off the mountain as darkness fell.

Additional Note: The NTSB report (number LAX97FA089) indicates that the pilot flew into clouds without the proper rating. The pilot contacted the air traffic controller (ATC) to confirm his position. The ATC informed him that he was not where he thought he was. However, the pilot continued on and did not request guidance from the ATC. Instead, he continued to fly with the guidance of a handheld GPS. The GPS functioned properly and recorded his flight up to and during the impact.