Injured climber, lifted off face with helicopter

July 12, 1997
Tahquitz Rock, 400 feet from top

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Word came that a climber had fallen on Tahquitz Rock’s north side, sustaining serious injuries. While on a long run out, a climber fell about 40 feet before his belay partner arrested his fall. Mark suffered injuries to his head, both shoulders, and his hip. A helicopter was called in to pick the climber directly from the rock face. With the last bit of useable daylight dissapearing, team members loaded the patient into a litter as the helicopter hovered precariously close to the rock. The injured climber was loaded and in the helicopter within 10 minutes. The pilot made a dash for the Keenwild heli-pad and a waiting ambulance.

For the full story, see the coverpage of the Fall 1997 Newsletter.