Overdue snowboarder day trip, did not come out at night

April 12, 1998
Tramway, San Jacinto High Country

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A male snowboarder had plans of spending his Saturday boarding the San Jacinto Peak area. Lots of fresh powder, and unpredictable weather made for some challenging conditions. The subject became disoriented in poor weather, and was forced to spend the night out. Fortunately he had some winter skills and fashioned a crude snow cave for himself. When reported overdue, RMRU was called and put four teams into the field.

The hasty team of Lee Arnson and Henry Negrete followed distinct tracks as far as Miller Saddle, when Landells Aviation picked up tracks by air at Marion Peak. RSO helicopter, Star 80, then found the subject at the Willow Creek crossing. He was long-lined out and dropped at the Tram heli-pad in good shape