Hunters became separated, one did not come out

November 9, 1998
Anza Hills

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Pagers went off about 9:00pm on Monday evening with the report of a 75 year old man who failed to return to his vehicle. He and a partner were gem hunting in the hills south of Anza. Feeling fatigued, the subject decided to return to the vehicle earlier than his partner. When the partner did return, the subject was nowhere to be found. RMRU along with other search teams, responded. Teams combed the rugged terrain throughout the night, eventually locating the subject at dawn. He apparently had hiked too far south of his intended route and was naturally drawn into a ravine. Too exhausted to continue he sat down to wait out the night. Although he could hear searcher’s calls from early on in the search...he did not have the strength or volume to answer. Although cold, tired, and thirsty, the subject was in otherwise good shape.