Man missing from bus at Whitewater rest stop

July 9, 1999
Whitewater Rest Stop

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RMRU and Desert Search and Rescue working together. (photo by Chris Babcock)

A news crew films as the search is organized. (photo by Chris Babcock)The Desert Search and Rescue Team from Palm Springs contacted RMRU about a search for a missing 66 year old male in the Whitewater rest stop area. The distraught man was last seen at 3:00am as he ran from his bus, which was traveling from Tennessee to Los Angeles. When we responded the Desert Team was already searching for tracks in the immediate area. The subject was picked up by Sheriff Deputies before RMRU could get the first team into the field. It turns out that the man had slept the rest of the night among rocks partway up a hill and came back down in the morning. He then walked to a house and asked for help but was told to walk to a nearby boy's home and call authorities from there.