Man missing for 27 days, found in Badlands

August 16, 1999
Viper Canyon, Badlands, East of Beaumont

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A truck, which belonged to a man who was missing since July 20th, was found near the top of a cliff in an area known as The Badlands, which is East of Beaumont. After searching around the truck, his body was located at the base of the 300 foot cliff. It appears that the man was standing at the edge of the cliff and fell after turning his gun on himself. He was last seen driving away in his truck after having an argument with his wife.

Due to the technical terrain, RMRU was called to assist with the body recovery and the search for the gun which had apparently fallen with the man. When investigators were done with the scene, RMRU transported the body to the dirt road below. After cleaning themselves up, team members met for lunch and a mission critique before returning home.