Hang-glider crash, man injured

August 29, 1999
Gliderport, Ortega Highway

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During the hottest summer days, most hang glider pilots avoid flying because of the strong updrafts and downdrafts caused by the heat. That was the case today except for one man who decided to go flying. He was caught in a strong downdraft and was slammed into the side of the mountain before he could regain control.

By the time RMRU arrived on scene, other agencies had already provided pre-hospital treatment and placed the patient in a litter. Deano Esades from RMRU helped attach the litter to the winch on the CHP helicopter hovering above. The subject was airlifted to the road where Dr. Ray Hussey and Jim Fairchild were at the road to help with the patient assessment. C-spine precautions had been taken and a sager splint was applied to the leg. The patient was then airlifted to the Inland Medical Center. We met at a restaurant to finish paperwork before returning home.

At the hospital, it was determined that there were no broken bones but he was being held for observation of a possible concussion.